Doing It Offline: In-Person Workshops

It was spring, though a slight chill still persisted in the air. This was why we elected for indoor seating when we met for lunch. My two lunch companions and I chatted about this and that, plans for the summer and the usual catch up topics. “I’m thinking about...

How To Choose A Domain

You’ve finally decided that you will start a blog. Now you need to make sure it has an address that works for you. If you’ve decided to go with your name, it’s pretty simple. Head on over to Godaddy and see if you can find If you have an unusual name,...

Starting A Blog: First Steps

Now that you’re convinced you need a website and blog, the next question then becomes: where do I start? Usually, this question is coming from a place of technical anxiety. Let me assure you immediately that the technical aspects are probably going to be the most...

Where shall I send the checklist?

Yay! The Checklist is On The Way.

Where shall I send the workbook?

Yay! The Checklist is On The Way.